Friday, August 15, 2008

Jamie & Sammy forever

Due to a possible lock down,
Jamie may not
receive his call today.

My girlfriend right,
she's really hard man.
If anybody ever fucks with me I just set Sam on 'um.
She sort's 'um out.
She's amazing.
One time, swear to god, she stabbed me.
Right here. Three times.
No... I deserved it.
I fucked up big time.
Taught me a lesson.. fucken right..
She's mad like.
Totally loves me man!
She's totally fucken amazing...
I mean...another time right..
(sound of telephone intercepts)
that's her now....
is it...?

The familiar recorded message
from HMS Dame Phyllis Frost Women's Prison
aka Deer Park,
asked in a monotone
if I would receive this call.

A quick nod over to Jamie,
whose eyes lunged out toward me

hop over to interview room one Jamie.
I'll just put you through.


  1. ahh the lovers, the lovers, where would this world be
    without that huh! BEAUTIFUL.

  2. dependence, methinks