Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rememberance - one year, two months, twenty three days on


  1. im very, very glad you did not die.

    that's beautiful and extraordinary. i think i know that hospital and those strange metal pipes on the roof. i know for sure the quality of light which only exists through the smeared windows of hospitals.


  2. lesley, that is one of the most profound and moving stories I have heard, beautifully told.

  3. thanks you Ally.
    It certainly was a profound and moving experience.

  4. Dont know what to say Lesley! Am reallyshocked that you have gone through such major, life threatening surgery. It's funny - you never think other people have gone through such major trauma, you only think it's you who has had nightmare health issues; I had a couple of issues myself in 2007 but not as traumatic as you. There is nothing I can do about the two issues I have and they will stay with me forever! Your account really was quite something. I remember when I was a student nurse I read a really moving account of someone with cancer -it was described like someone who is on the frontline of a battlefield in war. I will never forget that account, like I won't forget your account.

  5. yeah i have heard of Maggie center, by all accounts a socially sound space that extends the arms of compassion to all and many who suffer/have suffered are healing...
    thanks for your comment Carol. good to keep in touch x