Friday, October 31, 2008

T h e I n c u b a t o r

Incubate .v. 1 develop (something, especially an infectious disease) slowly without outward or perceptible signs.

Incubator .n.2 an enclosed apparatus providing a controlled and protective environment for the care of premature babies.

I was born skinless, with a double-dose of sensitivity
and my heart, big as the sky - fragile as a paper plane.

Growing up, I experienced deep and meaningful one-on-one friendships.
I realise now with hindsight, they where love affairs.
By fifteen and already three times broken hearted - my stylus wearing thin
and constantly covered in ooze, the only thing I could do was to fall asleep;
even in the middle of the day.

Like honey is the sleep of the just.1

After six weeks, I emerged from my great depression and slumber,
bought a racer and a Walkman and rode until my batteries went flat.
It appeared that everything had changed.
Then after getting soaked in the rain several times, I came to realise
that everything was the same, but - I had changed.


  1. luv ya new age banna. It's kewl.

  2. Awaiting images to go with those lovely words..

  3. Memory is more than one bargains for. I mean, if it goes on like this, this sense of past, past, past, that can turn even the happiest memories to griefs.

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  5. That oozed out inspiration. Love it!