Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Okay now I have gotten out from under my emotional slumber,
it's well time to get on with my new project.
Thank fuck for time...time, time, time; that what I absolutely do
not understand, cannot comprehend, and neither, incidentally could
Darwin, Einstein nor Galileo...oh well, perhaps my good friend Eddy
will come up with a feasible theory of time!
Those Romans may have compartmentalised this notion of time, but, they give little about what time actually is, how it works, how it travels, where it goes, where it comes from...WHAT IS IT?

Well enough of time for the minute..boom boom..time incidentally, has nothing to do with my new project, or does it? who knows? EDDY!!??

My new project picks up where i left off
before 'my teratoma experience' shook me into another direction.
But there is always a thread running they tell me.

I am looking for tomboys to photograph.

Know Any?

Explaination to follow shortly!!

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  1. ahh I wish I had the time ......(hehehe)