Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not having Kittens

L came out after I did.
Well, I'm the oldest, so it goes without saying really.
L came out after I did.
Thing is though, L was a girl as a girl, and I was a tomboy as a girl. So years later, when Mum commented on how 'unnatural' it was for two teenage girls (M and me), to be lying in bed together at eleven in the morning, she already knew the word 'unnatural' was merely a palatable replacement for the word lesbian.

I left home shortly after that, to escape the increasingly heavy iron fist of my dad, and to pursue my lust for all things lesbian. A wee while after I left home, my sister was given an ultimatum by my Dad on his discovery of a sports bag containing dildos, strap-ons and several thumbed explicit queer magazines found not-so-firmly stashed in L's closet. The ultimatum was this;
With that, L left.
She was fifteen.

Turned out the stuff didn't even belong to L, she was merely minding it for a friend, who was not a lesbian, but a homosexual. Which is by-the-by and neither here nor there. Still, the exposure was glaring, and she had now entered the fold.
A self confessed lezzo.
Several'same sex' relationships, houses, dogs, cats, kittens, cars, biscuits and cups o tea later, L jumped the fence for a Mister MacDonald from Oz. Oz came to Scotland. L got knocked-up, then hitched-up. Her baby due to arrive on June 27th.
I wish you well my lovely L
and can hardly believe what is happening,
but believe it never-the-less.


  1. Your sister is a strong woman like you. To jump any fence is to enter adversity and to choose. To jump the fence twice (so to speak) is to make not just a difficult choice, a seemingly puzzling choice that possibly is questioned from every utter angle.

    Bless her, bless you, bless your parents and always... bless the dildo's and other queer paraphenalia that makes us blush, laugh and generally realise the world is what we make it.


  2. Both your sister and yourself are extremely courageous. I know those words of a father well. Love the picture you have used. So touching to read.


  3. Your sister & yourself were very courageous, i know those words of a father very well & love the picture u have used as the description to your identity. Very touching to read.


  4. these dolls remind me of a kiki smith sculpture, its made from craft paper and its a woman hung to the ceiling with an umbilical cord and baby falling from between her legs, i couldn't fid it on the net but if you into it i know theres a photo of it in the Kiki Smith book at RMIT library-elena

  5. these dolls remind me of a paper sculpture made by Kiki smith, its a woman hanging from a ceiling with an umbilical cord a baby hanging down form her legs. i couldnt find it on the net but if your into it theres a picture of it in the Kiki Smith book in the rmit library-elena

  6. thanks Elena - I know the work you are referring - KiKi Smith is really great.