Friday, July 24, 2009

Opening Night featuring: The Incubator - Plus Review form Arts Hub

REVIEW FROM ARTS HUB:By Matthew Bolden ArtsHub | Wednesday, July 22, 2009
Lesley Turnbull's - Teratoma Lesley Turnbull's - Teratoma

Through Lesley's installation we are drawn into a world inside the body, inside the pain and triumph of human experience.

As we enter the gallery one needs to squeeze through strips of black plastic, which just as the artist intended, feels like one is entering through skin into darkness of our insides. And encased in small bottles inside a clear cabinet are X-Ray snapshots of the malign growth within.

The downstairs installation is clinical yet personal at the same time, an intimate view shown through the impersonal medium of a radiographer's still.

Upstairs we are treated to Leslie's journey in a film, with voice and visuals providing a scrapbook of intense pain and the prolonged feeling of hospitalisation. We are guided through a woman's intimate odyssey, sparing us nothing, showing only truth. I had to watch the video twice and found the other observers around me equally entranced. The honesty of this piece is unrelenting but that is what is so wonderful about it. In a world where we are drowned in artifice, raw authenticity like this is a rare pleasure. I thoroughly recommend to all that they see this show.

Lesley Turnbull's - Teratoma

Incubator and Teratoma Mixed Media and Video Installation by Lesley Turnbull
10th of July to 7th of August at Off the Kerb 66B
Thurs-Fri 12.30 to 6pm
Sat-Sun 12 _ 5pm

Incubator Front Gallery

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