Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Throw Like A Girl: The Tomboy Project#1

BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU TO - Mieke, Dharma, Harry, Shiraz and their families; you are all amazing!!!


  1. wow, these pictures are alive. Beautiful light and movement. Your tomboys are unselfconsciously charming. They make me think. I was never a tomboy. Never! Always a girlie girl. I assumed this was what came naturally but perhaps - being as I was a very, very 'good' little girl - the fun to be had from stepping away from the pretty pink safety of my personal branding never occurred to me? Maybe.

  2. These are beautiful! I absolutely love the one with the bunny. Her face is exquisite. Her eyes (and pose) pull me in two different directions and make me doubt what it is I think I am seeing and makes me wonder why, and what, we visually need to identify someone by their gender. Why do babies have to have their gender identified by colors?
    I can't wait to see the new ones I saw you working one finished.
    I used to be a tomboy. I kinda wish I had some old photos here to help me remember what I looked like.

  3. I love the element of play. I always imagined Tomboys have more fun. Is that because I always thought the regular girls playing housewife and all of those other roles were constructions, conformatism? Or because I couldn't imagine finding more joy in playing Barbie than exploring nature and getting the adrenaline going? I'm not sure. But it is something that is worth consideration. Thank you for allowing us all the opportunity.