Saturday, January 23, 2010

berlin - raw remains

berlin is a formidable place.
it has over-rails, under-rails, light-rails, trams, bike lanes. she bares the remains and debris of her diabolical years. it is an emotional place and i feel very lucky to have experienced berlin, whilst she was blanketed within layer upon layer of silent snow.
in berlin - i fell in love.

I shot these photographs in RAW, which is how i shoot all my photographs when working with digital. i have decided to leave these photos as they where shot - raw being the essence of berlin as i saw it.


  1. Berlin was so beautiful. There was such a stark contrast between the East and West. The East felt more real....I miss Berlin

  2. I to fell in love with a beautiful woman and a beautiful place. Side by side they live within my heart. i'm very glad i took a leap of faith!x