Saturday, April 15, 2017

Testing Grounds Melbourne Residency

Its been a few years since posting on my Tomboy blogspot but I've been very busy with one Tomboy antic after another. I've been to the far reaches of Iceland on a 2 month residency program. Went to Berlin to meet an Australian guy whom I thought might show my work in his gallery; nothing to report there unfortunately - yet (always the optimist)... I've been home to Scotland for 6 months. Back in Melbourne I hit the ground running with an amazing opportunity (thanks to my pal and fellow artist Alison Bennet) to be involved with Testing Grounds - and undertake a residency program. Situated smack bang in the middle of Melbourne CBD, Testing Grounds is a hub for experimentation and creativity. All the crew there; Ari, Trent, Jo and Millie (and the bub) are great to work with, I'm lucky and i know it (clap clap). The residency took place in the height of the Australian sweltering summer time during the month of January. I was in a white box with an opaque perspex ceiling and the sun belting down. It was harsh, elemental, a challenge to work under such extreme light and heat, unbearable at times and hard to keep ones eyes open it was so bright. I used the space as a photographic studio to shoot portraits. An online call out for participants beckoned new buddies. And a very special shout out to my very special tomboy-in-arms DR LIZ BRADSHAW for flying down from Sydney - we had an excellent day of bromancing and arting and managed to capture some sweet shots reminiscent of the American dust bowl of 1935. Thank you Dr! So heres some of the work made during this month - more later on the process and perhaps some stuff about its meaning...

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