Sunday, April 12, 2009

31.1 A treatise on How to Keep Young

The first fault of the woman who is growing in years is the figure. It grows heavy and becomes the middle-aged figure. She sleeps a little longer in the morning; is a little more tired during the day; eats more than she used to; goes to bed earlier, and is less careful of her appearance.

And this is what happens: She grows fat, her chin doubles; her abdomen creeps up; her belt line is too high and too big; her limbs become awkward; and her figure is bulky. She has passed from youth into middle age, but really there is no excuse for this,-it is simply carelessness and neglect of the charms Nature has given her; it is for the want of supplying her skin and muscles with fresh warm blood by proper and careful exercises-which, if followed out for fifteen minutes twice a day, should keep, restore and insure beauty of face and figure.

The woman who is beginning to look old, and the young woman who wants to keep her good looks, should both learn that youth and beauty depend principally upon eight things, all of which are extremely important. The figure: A woman should be neither too fat nor too thin, and in this connection it may be remarked that flesh is easily controlled. The complexion: Should be smooth and clear. The mouth, includes the care of two rows of shining teeth. The eyes: Should be bright, shaded with good lashes and outlined with nice even brows. The cheeks govern the shape of the face, and should be full and dimpled. The throat should be just slender enough to support the head like a column; a thick, heavy throat is an abomination, and a double chin is a sure sign of age. The hands should be tapering, white, well shaped and crowned with ten rosy nails. The hair, which is woman's crowning glory, should be kept natural, thick and becomingly dressed. We might add other points of beauty, but these are enough for the average woman. For the woman who is in fair form and wishes to remain so, should take the following exercises twice a day, clad in a loose suit for gymnasium work, and once a day before exercising take a tepid bath made brisk with aromatic vinegar.

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  1. Does one bath in balsamic, apple cider or ponzu, I wonder?