Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoy The Ride or Get Of The Bus Hen

Bloomin heck!
What a drama i like to make of everything;
yes indeedy-do!
Here I am, in a position to show work that
I am proud of, work that speaks of an experience
some may share - personally or vicariously, and
here I am moaning about how scared I am!
Well Ms Lesley Annne Turn-the-bloomin-bull
wake up and smell the glorious gum trees then
count your fucking blessings that most
of your problems today are nothing less that quality!!

(Ooo I scare myself when i talk in third person)


  1. And why does our fearful mind want to turn our talents, gifts & blessings away ? I wish i knew the answer, but i know this much, if we were not meant to share our talents, then we would not have been able to find out what they were in the first place. What an experience to experience !
    I love your title, well suits..
    You will do just fine xx

  2. never a truer word fucking said...thanks Snooze.